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Artnets Ltd.
Brivibas Str. 132/3a
LV-1012, Riga, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 67293610, (+371) 29431707

Established in 1999 Artnets Ltd. is a Latvian company specializing in legal services, genealogy, document search and people search.

We offer a full range of services through all aspects of Inheritance Law, probate research, genealogy research, document search, people search and Real Estate Law including:
  • Advice on all aspects of inheritance matters
  • Genealogy and probate research to find & trace missing or unknown heirs and beneficiaries born in Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia). Genealogy and probate research is conducted by professional probate researchers and genealogists.
  • Genealogy research verification by checking your existing research documents and performing family tree verification. We perform our checking service based on documents that can be found in Latvia and provide feedback on your research accuracy and possible improvements required.
  • People search services in Latvia and locating current contact details of individuals.
  • Genealogy services in Latvia for family history research:
    • ancestry search
    • family research and family tree creation
    • detailed reports of family history with copies of documents found
  • Help to find lost or missing documents, translate documents and perform document authentication (legalisation) and Apostille certification in Latvia:
    • We can obtain birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, historical documents or any other documents from government agencies in Latvia or Latvian archives. We search any documents in archives of Latvia and order documents from any Latvian government institutions.
    • We can translate documents to any language (English, German, etc.), perform document legalisation and Apostille certification.
  • Advice on legal aspects and documentation during purchase, sale, rent, gift, barter, division or management of real estate

Please contact us for further information or if you have any questions.

Probate researchGenealogy researchDocument search

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Artnets Ltd.
Brivibas Str. 132/3a
LV-1012, Riga, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 67293610, (+371) 29431707

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