Locating Missing Heirs

Probate research to find & trace missing or unknown heirs and beneficiaries

Archive documents searches in Latvia

Genealogical research, family history research

nasledstvennye dela v latvii mantojuma lietas latvija Erbenermittlung probate research

Probate Research

Research, identification and location of missing and unknown heirs, beneficiaries or next of kin born in Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia)

Advice on all aspects of inheritance matters

Finding documents in Latvian archives or other governmental institutions

Archive documents translation, authentication (legalisation) and Apostille certification

genealogicheskie issledovaniya geneologiskie petijumi genealogische Nachforschungen genealogical research

Genealogical Research

Genealogical research services in Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia)

Family research and family tree creation

Genealogy research verification by checking your existing research documents and performing family tree verification

Detailed reports of family history with copies of documents found

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