Locating Missing Heirs


Our heir finders work at their own risk when conduct search for entitled persons.

It means that we fund the research to find heirs and we do not charge any fees if the research is unsuccessful.

Our heir finders can demand from the found heirs the entitlement to renumerate research expenses in the amount from 25% to 33% (standard in heir search business) from the capital that heirs will gain with the aquired portion of inheritance.

Our hourly rate for heir search in cases when success-related renumeration is not possible is 48,40 EUR per hour.

Our hourly rate for genealogical research is 30,25 EUR per hour.

Documents search in Latvian archives: 121.00 EUR for one document

Documents search and translation to English language or documents search in Lithuania: 145.20 EUR for one document

All prices are final prices including 21% VAT and all services related fees of governmental authorities in Latvia.

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