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We search for documents in the state archives of Latvia in the city of Riga and in regional archives, which contain documents from the beginning of the 18th century to the present. As a rule, zonal archives store documents related to specific regions, districts of Latvia.

Do you need to find documents for entry and receiving inheritance in Latvia, find documents for obtaining citizenship of Latvia, find documents confirming the place of residence in Latvia, but you do not know how to do it legally correctly and quickly?

Knowing the information about your purpose of obtaining documents, we will advise in which institutions you can obtain these documents, which documents can help you confirm the fact or event you are interested in, as well as find, order and receive these documents.

Therefore, if you need a document for a country of the European Union, then the relevant EU Regulation – 2016/1191 (of July 6, 2016) applies to the execution of these documents, which provided for the execution of the document, for instance, for Germany, in German.

You can order from us the search for the documents you require, which could be issued to public and private organizations in Latvia.

The search for documents in Riga and Latvia is based on archive materials:

Documents of the Registry Office (department of civil registration)

  • Finding a Birth Certificate
  • Finding a Marriage Certificate
  • Finding a Certificate of Divorce
  • Finding a Death Certificate

Documents from the Riga and regional divisions of the State Archives of Latvia

  • Extracts from house books (regarding persons who lived in the house, apartment, etc.)
  • Documents confirming the right of ownership in Latvia
  • Birth certificate (before 1920)
  • Marriage certificate (if concluded before 1920)
  • Latvian citizenship certificate for 1940
  • Adoption case
  • Guardianship case
  • Judgments and rulings of Latvian courts (in civil and criminal cases)
  • Court decision on divorce

Extracts from church books confirming the facts of:

  • Birth christening
  • Marriage registration
  • Death

To study and request the documents relating to personal affairs (employee of an enterprise), as well as to study cases of adoption of a person, guardianship, criminal and civil cases, it is necessary to obtain a notarized power of attorney from the customer.

All documents of state institutions in the Republic of Latvia are issued in the Latvian language. In order for a document to acquire legal force in another state, it must be translated into the language of the country of use and, if necessary, the authenticity of the document has to be certified (the Apostille stamp affixed to the documents).

We can find any other documents that may be located in the territory of Latvia. The search is carried out by professionals in their field. You can easily verify this by getting a free general consultation.

Terms of order fulfillment depend on the complexity of the search and range from 10 days to 3 months.

For more information on ordering documents from the archives of Latvia, you can contact us or order a document.

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