Locating Missing Heirs

Heir search

The population living in the territory of Latvia has migrated since ancient times. Thousands of people went to the USA, England, South Africa, Australia and South America, some emigrated, some fled, and some just left. These were different periods and the end of the 19th century with the revolution of 1905-1907, the beginning of the First World War and the subsequent evacuation to Russia and Ukraine, the revolution of 1917 and the Second World War.

We are engaged in a professional search for heirs in Latvia and the Baltic States – Lithuania (Republic of Lithuania) and Estonia (Republic of Estonia).

According to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia and most countries of the world, heirs are the biological relatives of the deceased.

We work at our own risk and if we do not find heirs, then we do not receive a fee.

The search for heirs is a set of research activities that includes complex historical and genealogical research, extensive work in the archives and deep knowledge of the historical and geographical events of the Russian Empire and the Republic of Latvia, such as refugees during the First World War, emigration at the end of the Second World War and others.

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